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Fat Loss Tight Tummy Program

Fat Loss Tight Tummy Program

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No access to the gym? No problem. This program was created for those in the beginner/intermediate stage of fitness. Workout from the comfort of your home, park or wherever. No to minimal equipment required. If you're looking for a plan that's simple, yet effective then this is for you!

Expect 5 split body workouts per week. For example, Monday lower body, Tuesday upper body, Wednesday lower body, etc.

This program includes 21 pages of knowledge and workouts with step by step video visuals and scriptures to keep you encouraged throughout your workout.

If you're new to fitness or getting back started then prepare to be challenged! Prepare to sweat, prepare to get stronger and prepare to shed the fat! Now, time to get your Fat Loss Tight Tummy body!

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Customer Reviews

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Loved this program!

I really loved this program because I noticed immediate results & felt toned! It's unbelievable what this program did without any weights! It's really tailored to anyone at any level, and it offers modifications for anything that you may not be able to do. Coach Khay is the best with the motivational quotes and encouragement throughout the workouts! I would definitely recommend this program to anyone (beginners, intermediate, or advanced) looking to get in shape. My friends and I did it together, and we all noticed differences in our bodies. Thank you Coach Khay! :)

Chris Balfour
Fun & challenging at the same time

This workout is the bomb! Although for me some were physically challenging in the beginning but by week 3 I felt stronger and confident with each movement. What I mostly loved about the program is that you can be a beginner to advanced and still feel and see results. Not only did I see results in as lilttle as 2 weeks with consistency but so did my family friends and coworkers..I recommended and will continue to recommend this and any other workouts you have. This really works..and I still do them! 🙂

Nomisha Butler-Hollie
Very convenient and fun with friends!

Coach Khay took the time to understand the individual unique needs of many and provided a tailor-made solution that greatly improved the process. I loved her “how to’s” for every workout. And the daily inspiration definitely was a plus too! I am thrilled with the results and highly recommend!!

The Motivation to break any barrier holding you back!

Loved the FLTT program. Extremely user friendly. Breaks down verbage & workouts. This helped me get back into working out, feels so great. With or without a gym these workouts will get you back on track. For me it wasn't just for the physical, working out helps me mentally. I'm such a quote person, so to have the verses for each day definitely gave me more motivation. Excited for her dumbbell program!

Amazing & very Do-able program!!!

I did this program in May & it got me right just in time for summer!! This program is super user friendly. I loved the pacing of the program; the quick daily workouts make it easy to work out consistently.